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The Cultural Resource Collective enables Puget Sound arts and cultural organizations to better understand the Northwest patron and build a community of collaboration in order to grow audiences, maximize fundraising opportunities, increase tourism and strengthen advocacy.


Launched in late 2009, the Cultural Resource Collective currently comprises 30 Puget Sound area arts and cultural organizations. These participating organizations collaborate to manage their patron data in a secure, private central database managed by TRG Arts, via local facilitation by ArtsFund.

There are numerous benefits to this approach. While most organizations already have the capacity to research their own patrons’ attendance at their events, the CRC enables them to know how their patrons interact with other cultural organizations in the region and to understand the wider marketplace. This tool provides an invaluable understanding of the Puget Sound community that goes beyond event attendance and speaks to issues relating to the lifestyle values and choices of the community, the economic impact of arts and culture, the nexus with tourism, and targeted audience development by identifying specific communities with growth potential.

Through this collaborative approach, powerful facts about the region’s arts and cultural audiences have been discovered. The database currently holds more than 1 million unique active households, with records existing in all 50 states. 77% of the one million households reside in the four-county region. Discoveries like this enable CRC participant organizations to create more efficient and effective audience development strategies, provide substantive evidence for grant applications, and disprove notions that those who participate in the arts are privileged and few.

Benefits of CRC Membership

Create Effective Ways to Prospect | Exchanging lists of active patrons is the cheapest and most effective way to augment one’s pool of prospective clients. Ultimately, participating organizations can use this information to learn how best to market to specific constituent groups in order to maximize sales and reduce marketing expenses.

Research and Analysis | The database can be used as a research tool to learn more about arts and cultural attendees and their behaviors within the market. Analysis can be performed to obtain descriptive information about patrons (i.e. demographics and psychographics) or information about how attendees interact within and between participating organizations

Shared Data Hygiene Expense | List hygiene, address correction, and data management of patron databases are necessary to mount effective outreach campaigns. Cooperative database participants can share in the expenses for this hygiene, allowing each organization to save significant money. Membership in the CRC includes quarterly National Change of Address reports run each quarter by TRG.

Cost Savings | According to a 2015 survey of members, organizations utilizing the CRC on average save nearly $1,000 annually in staff costs related to facilitating list trades, pulling research reports, and conducting mailing campaigns, in addition to $6,400 per year for demographic and psychographic data on their patrons.

Membership Requirements

The power of this resource depends entirely on its members being active and responsible participants. In order to be eligible to join the CRC, and organization must:

1. Have at least one designated staff member responsible for the CRC account
2. Have a minimum of 1,000 records in their database
3. Pay the annual membership fee

As CRC members, organizations are expected to:

1. Update their data or add new data at least once a year
2. Use shared information in a respectful and ethical manner
3. Respond to all trade requests in a timely manner
4. Participate in community wide research

For more information or questions about membership, please contact Andrew Golden, Program, Operations & Advocacy Manager, at or (206) 788-3048.

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