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Sponsorships and Special Projects

Given that ArtsFund’s primary mission is raising and responsibly allocating general operating dollars, our first choice in any conversation with a new or returning donor is to encourage a gift to our current campaign. We have found that some companies have only marketing dollars available with which they must sponsor events, and some foundations have their own grant making system and do not give to collaborative funding organizations. We also know that every dollar we can find to defray our own operating expenses, especially those associated with events, is a dollar we can allocate. Therefore, we work to find companies and individuals to underwrite the expenses of our events, services we provide such as our Board Leadership Training program, and special projects such as refurbishment of The Century Building, which is our permanent home and a revenue source.

Event Sponsorships

ArtsFund has a long-standing tradition of featuring only one sponsor for each of our events and setting our sponsorship prices as close to break-even as possible. Our goal is to provide the maximum benefit for our sponsors in the form of an exclusive presence in front of the highly-desirable demographic groups that attend ArtsFund events. Please review our entire sponsorship “menu” that is linked below and contact Annemarie Scalzo {, 206.788.3049}, Director of Individual & Planned Giving, to discuss how sponsoring an event can help position your company while simultaneously supporting the region’s diverse arts.


Special Projects

The second part of ArtsFund’s mission statement declares that in addition to raising and responsibly allocating funds, we also strengthen the arts in the region by “advocating for all the arts.” We define advocacy broadly and the work takes several forms, some of which requires specific financial support. Our list of special projects for which we are seeking help changes from time to time so if you are interested, it is always best to contact Annemarie Scalzo {, 206.788.3049} for full information. The following current projects are presented in descending priority order.

1. Matching funds to spur employee giving.

United arts funds in some cities have been conducting workplace-based giving drives since their founding and raise more through those efforts than ArtsFund raises from all our sources. The tradition of supporting the arts in this manner is as firmly entrenched in these cities as United Way is here. ArtsFund aspires to duplicate the success of Cincinnati (over $5 million a year in workplace giving donations) or Milwaukee (roughly $2 million in 2007) and we believe offering employees a 1:1 or greater match would generate the excitement needed. Please contact Annemarie Scalzo { or 206.788.3049}, ArtsFund’s Director of Individual and Planned Giving, to explore this opportunity.

2. Funds for distribution to support arts education programs.

ArtsFund began serving donors’ interest in directly supporting arts education programs in 2001 in response to a request from Wells Fargo. Since then, Bank of America, WaMu, and Comcast have asked that special questions be added to ArtsFund’s applications and interviews so that a portion of their annual grants may be directed to arts education. Smaller donors for whom it is not important that their names be attached to the distribution of their gifts are welcome to add their dollars to the arts education purposes served by these funds:

Wells Fargo Cultural Education Enhancement Fund – provides general support to the highest caliber arts education programs as determined by ArtsFund’s allocations committees.
Bank of America Student Arts Access Fund – reimburses schools for costs associated with students attending offsite arts performances or visiting exhibitions.
Comcast Student Arts Access Fund – enables South Sound students to attend exhibitions and performances by paying direct costs.

3. Economic Impact Study.

Since 1993, ArtsFund has conducted comprehensive economic impact studies of arts and heritage organizations at about five year intervals. These studies have been heavily used and highly regarded. Not only do they provide a detailed picture of arts activity at a defined point in time but due to their consistent replication, they document a meaningful and exciting trend line of the growth of the arts in this region. Unique to this effort, we have an opportunity to contribute information which will be of great importance in the effort to establish the Prosperity Partnership’s Education and Arts Access Fund.The studies have been indispensable items in the toolkits of Arts organization managers and advocates. They routinely use aggregate results of the studies in fundraising and in promoting increased public support for the arts. Please contact Andrew Golden ( or 206.788.3048) if you have technical questions or Mari Horita (; 206.281.9050) if you are interested in making a gift directed to this.