ArtsFund Endowments

(as of May 2018)

ArtsFund Endowments now total $20.2 million. All take advantage of ArtsFund’s unparalleled knowledge of the arts in this region and the second-to-none grant making process. Donors are able to accomplish their charitable goals by establishing an endowment to fund either broadly for general support of the arts or more specifically for particular disciplines or purposes.

The Ned & Kayla Skinner Arts Enrichment Fund
In memory of its founder, ArtsFund established the D.E. “Ned” Skinner Endowment Fund in 1988 with $1 million in contributions from businesses and individuals. In 2004, ArtsFund received a bequest of $2.3 million from the estate of Kayla Skinner to support grants to organizations designated by Mrs. Skinner.

Kreielsheimer Fund
In 2000-2001, the Kreielsheimer Foundation made gifts of $1.5 million to create the Kreielsheimer Fund. This was in addition to its donation of the Century Building to ArtsFund.

Kreielsheimer Theatre Fund
In 2007, ArtsFund received funds from the Kreielsheimer Remainder Foundation in the amount of $350,000. Income earned on the assets in the Endowment shall be distributed to professional non-profit theatres in King County other than those that already received major funding from the Kreielsheimer Foundation (ACT Theatre, Intiman Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Theatre Group and Village Theatre).

Kreielsheimer Music Fund
In 2007, ArtsFund also received funds from the Kreielsheimer Remainder Foundation in the amount of $350,000. Income earned on the assets in the Endowment shall be distributed to classical music arts organizations in King County other than Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Ackerley Excellence Fund
In 1997, Barry and Ginger Ackerley made a gift of $1 million to establish The Ackerley Excellence Fund to promote excellence in King and Pierce County Charter Member arts groups.

Guendolen Carkeek Plestcheeff Decorative and Design Arts Fund
In 1997, trustees of Guendolen Carkeek Plestcheeff’s estate awarded ArtsFund $600,000 in her honor. Earnings support projects in decorative and design art.

Stabilization Fund
This fund, valued at $542,000, provides ongoing technical assistance to arts groups which participated in Seattle’s $7.5 million National Arts Stabilization program in 1987.

Judi Beck and Tom Alberg Fund
In 2003-2008, ArtsFund trustee Judi Beck and her husband, Tom Alberg, made gifts totaling $225,000 to support grants to Continuing Members and Members.

Jean T. Fukuda Memorial Fund
In 1999, the Fukuda family and her colleagues from Emeritus Corporation established a fund in her honor to support performing arts organizations.

Peter F. Donnelly Merit Fund
In 2005, civic and arts patrons undertook a drive raising nearly $1.2 million to honor Peter’s four-decade arts career, with grants being awarded to all beneficiaries based on management excellence.

The John Brooks Williams Estate and John H. Bauer Endowment for Theatre Fund
In 2005, ArtsFund trustee John Bauer made this gift in the amount of $1 million as executor of the estate of his friend, Houston resident John Brooks Williams. Earnings will benefit King County theater organizations.

Roland M. Trafton Endowment Fund
In 2005, Safeco Corporation made a $100,000 grant in honor of the late Milton Trafton, former Safeco CEO. Earnings will benefit organizations concentrating in contemporary art, piano music or exceptional management accountability.

The Mark Charles Paben Fund
In 2007, ArtsFund was bequeathed over $900,000, a portion of Mark Charles Paben’s estate, as general endowment funds to be used, from time to time, for purposes approved by the Board of Directors of The ArtsFund Foundation.

Capital Assets

ArtsFund’s strengths as the region’s central vehicle for funding the arts have attracted innovative funding mechanisms. The income from these activities provides sustainable support for ArtsFund’s grants. If you have a similar income-producing asset that you would like to direct towards arts support, please contact ArtsFund.

Classical KING-FM 98.1
In 1994, Priscilla Bullitt Collins and Harriet Stimson Bullitt transferred ownership of Classical KING-FM Radio to Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, and ArtsFund. This philanthropic act was hailed nationally and ensures that the station will retain its classical format. ArtsFund’s share of the station’s annually distributed dividends goes to music groups in King and Pierce Counties (excluding Seattle Symphony and Seattle Opera). http://www.king.org

Century Building
In 1999, the Kreielsheimer Foundation donated a 15,000 square-foot building on lower Queen Anne to ArtsFund. In addition to serving as ArtsFund’s home, the building, valued at over $2.7 million, provides ongoing revenue for ArtsFund grants by leasing the building’s additional office spaces.