Community Accelerator Grant Recipients



Capitol Theatre Committee, Yakima, $22,500
Cascadia Music, Okanogan, $25,000
Central Basin Community Concert Association, Grant, $5,600
Columbia Basin Allied Arts, Grant, $7,500
Gallery One, Kittitas, $22,500
Grunewald Guild, Chelan, $23,800
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, Chelan, $22,500
Lake Chelan Bach Fest, Chelan, $5,600
Larson Gallery Guild, Yakima, $22,500
Laughing Horse Arts Foundation, Kittitas, $11,900
Leavenworth Summer Theater, Chelan, $22,500
Maryhill Museum of Art, Klickitat, $10,600
Mending Wings, Yakima, $25,000
Methow Music Festival Association, Okanogan, $6,900
Methow Valley Interpretive Center, Okanogan, $10,000
Numerica Performing Arts Center, Chelan, $11,900

Stage Kids, Chelan, $11,900
The Clymer Museum & Gallery, Kittitas, $22,500
The Confluence: Art in Twisp, Okanogan, $12,500
The Seasons Music Festival, Yakima, $22,500
The Young Warrior Society, Okanogan, $25,000
Tieton Arts & Humanities, Yakima, $25,000
Two Rivers Gallery, Chelan, $23,800
Warehouse Theatre Group/Warehouse Theatre Company, Yakima, $11,900
Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, Chelan, $22,500
Wenatchee Valley Symphony Association, The, Chelan, $11,900
Winthrop Music Association, Okanogan, $11,900
Yakima Music en Acción (YAMA), Yakima, $22,500
Yakima Symphony Orchestra, Yakima, $11,900
Yakima Valley Museum, Yakima, $22,500


Academy of Children’s Theatre, Benton, $25,000
African American Community, Cultural & Educational Society, Franklin, $20,000
Art Salvage, Spokane, $22,500
Arts Center Task Force, Benton, $22,500
ArtWalla, Walla Walla, $16,200
Blue Mountain Artisans Guild, Garfield, $10,600
Blue Mountain Heritage Society, Columbia, $5,600
Bridges to the Past, Stevens, $11,900
Camas Institute Foundation, Pend Oreille, $25,000
Carnegie Picture Lab, Walla Walla, $22,500
Chewelah Creative District, Stevens, $5,600
Connoisseur Concerts Association, Spokane, $5,900
Desert Fiber Arts, Benton, $2,800
East Benton County Historical Society and Museum, Benton, $22,500
ETERNVL, Benton, $20,000
Fort Walla Walla Museum, Walla Walla, $10,600
Franklin County Historical Society, Franklin, $25,000
Harrington Opera House Society, Lincoln, $11,900
Holy Names Music Center, Spokane, $5,900
Inland Northwest Rail Museum, Lincoln, $9,400
KYRS Thin Air Community Radio, Spokane, $5,900
Mid-Columbia Ballet, Benton, $5,900
Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, Benton, $25,000
Mid-Columbia Symphony, Benton, $5,900
Mobius Spokane, Spokane, $11,900
Northeast Washington Community Radio Guild, Stevens, $22,500
Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC), Spokane, $11,900
Pend Oreille County Historical Society, Pend Oreille, $3,100
Pend Oreille Players Association, Pend Oreille, $11,900
Power House Theatre Walla Walla, Walla Walla, $22,500
Princess Theatre, Benton, $11,900

REACH Museum, Benton, $11,900
Richland Players Inc., Benton, $11,900
Salish School of Spokane, Spokane, $22,500
Shakespeare Walla Walla, Walla Walla, $8,100
Spark Central, Spokane, $11,900
Spectrum Center, Spokane, $25,000
Spokane Area Children’s Chorus, Spokane, $5,900
Spokane Art School, Spokane, $5,300
Spokane Arts, Spokane, $23,800
Spokane Children’s Theatre, Spokane, $11,900
Spokane Civic Theatre Inc., Spokane, $22,500
Spokane Folklore Society, Spokane, $2,500
Spokane Print and Publishing Center, Spokane, $23,800
Spokane Public Radio, Spokane, $11,900
Spokane Symphony Society, Spokane, $5,900
Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center, Spokane, $22,500
Spokane Valley Summer Theatre, Spokane, $22,500
Spokane Youth Symphony, Spokane, $5,900
Stage Left Theater Association, Spokane, $25,000
Terrain Programs, Spokane, $23,800
The Blue Door Theatre, Spokane, $5,900
The Family Guide, Spokane, $25,000
The Kalispel Tribe of Indians, Culture Department, Pend Oreille, $22,500
The Little Theatre of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, $11,900
The Rude Mechanicals, Benton, $22,500
Urban Art Cooperative, Spokane, $5,900
Valley Art Center Inc, Asotin, $4,400
Valleyfest, Spokane, $5,300
Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival, Walla Walla, $11,900
Walla Walla Summer Theater Group, Walla Walla, $22,500
Walla Walla Symphony, Walla Walla, $22,500
White Bluffs Quilt Museum, Benton, $8,100
Woodland Productions, Stevens, $10,600


18th & Union, King, $12,500
206 Zulu, King, $25,000
A Contemporary Theatre, King, $11,900
Acoustic Sound d/b/a Wintergrass Music Festival, King, $5,900
Acts On Stage, King, $23,800
Admiral Theatre Foundation, Kitsap, $11,900
ADUEFUA Cultural Education Workshop, King, $25,000
After-School All-Stars Puget Sound, King, $25,000
Alchemy Art Center, San Juan, $11,900
Alki Art Fair, King, $4,700
All Aboard of America 1, Snohomish, $22,500
All Are Stars Productions, King, $5,900
Alliance Française de Seattle, King, $2,500
Allied Arts Foundation, King, $2,800
Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Whatcom, $22,500
America SCORES Seattle, King, $10,000
American Asian Performing Arts Theatre, King, $23,800
Amigos De Seattle, King, $25,000
Anacortes Arts Festival, Skagit, $11,900
Archipelago Collective Chamber Music Festival, King, $4,400
Art for Orcas Kids, San Juan, $5,900
Art/Not Terminal Gallery, King, $2,500
Artisans at the Dahmen Barn, Whitman, $5,600
Artist Trust, King, $25,000
Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, Kitsap, $20,000
Arts Corps, King, $25,000
Arts Impact, King, $22,500
ArtsEd Washington, King, $23,800
ArtsWest, King, $23,800
As If Theatre Company, King, $5,900
Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts, King, $11,900
Asé Theatre, King, $25,000
Auburn Symphony Orchestra, King, $4,100
B # Booster Club, King, $5,900
BAAY (Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth), Whatcom, $22,500
Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, Kitsap, $5,900
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, Kitsap, $11,900
Bainbridge Chorale, Kitsap, $2,500
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Kitsap, $5,900
Bainbridge Performing Arts, Kitsap, $11,900
Ballyhoo Theatre, Snohomish, $17,500
Bandit Theater, King, $25,000
Base, King, $13,700
Beacon Arts, King, $11,900
Bellevue Arts Museum, King, $11,900
Bellevue Youth Choirs, King, $5,600
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra, King, $11,900
Bellingham Symphony Orchestra, Whatcom, $11,900
Black Box Operations, King, $10,000
Black Coffee Northwest Grounded, King, $25,000
Black Diamond Historical Society, King, $2,500
Book-It Repertory Theatre, King, $20,000
Braided River, King, $11,900
Brazil Center, King, $18,700
Bremerton WestSound Symphony Association, Kitsap, $5,900
Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre, King, $5,900
Brothers United In Leadership Development (BUILD), King, $23,800
Burien Arts Association, King, $5,900
Burke Museum Association, King, $22,500
BurlyCon, King, $25,000
Bushwick Northwest, King, $11,900
Byron Schenkman & Friends, King, $11,900
C895/KNHC Public Radio Association, King, $11,900
Camp Jitterbug, King, $22,500
Cascadia Art Museum, Snohomish, $5,900
CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival, Whatcom, $20,000
Cascadia Poetics Lab, King, $25,000
Center for Religious Humanism, King, $5,900
Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), King, $22,500
Centerstage Theatre Arts Conservatory Inc, King, $5,900
Centro Cultural Mexicano, King, $25,000
Chamber Music Guild, King, $2,500
CHANNEL A TV, King, $25,000
Children of the Setting Sun Productions, Whatcom, $25,000
Children’s Museum of Skagit County, Skagit, $23,800
Chinese Radio Seattle, King, $25,000
Choir of the Sound, King, $3,400
Choral Arts Northwest, King, $10,000
Clarion West, King, $23,800
Classical KING, King, $3,400
Common Area Maintenance, King, $6,900
Common Tone Arts, King, $2,800
Confluence, King, $10,000
Coriolis Dance Collective, King, $8,100
Cornish College of the Arts, King, $5,900
Coyote Central, King, $23,800
Creative Dance Center, King, $11,900
Creative Justice, King, $25,000
CroatiaFest, King, $2,800
CultureWorks, Ltd, King, $23,800
Dabuli, King, $23,800
Dace’s Rock ‘n’ More Music Academy, King, $11,900
Dacha Theatre, King, $10,600
Dance Theatre Seattle, King, $23,800
Dandylyon Drama, King, $5,900
danielandsomesuperfriends Inc., King, $3,100
Deaf Spotlight, King, $25,000
Degenerate Art Ensemble, King, $22,500
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, King, $25,000
DeMiero Jazz Festival, Snohomish, $2,500
Densho, King, $22,500
Downtown Issaquah Association, King, $5,900
Drama Dock, King, $5,900
Early Music Seattle, King, $11,900
Earshot Jazz, King, $22,500
EastHUB, King, $22,500
Edmonds Center for the Arts, Snohomish, $22,500
Edmonds Driftwood Players, Snohomish, $23,800
El Centro de la Raza, King, $23,800
Emerald Ballet Theatre, King, $11,900
Emerald City Music, King, $7,500
Emerald Ensemble, King, $5,000
Eritrean Association in Greater Seattle, King, $23,800
Ethnic Cultural Heritage Exchange (EchoX), King, $23,800
Everett Museum of History, Snohomish, $22,500
Everett Music Initiative, Snohomish, $23,800
Everett Philharmonic Orchestra, Snohomish, $11,900
Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens Society, Snohomish, $5,900
Experience Education, King, $25,000
Fab-5, King, $25,000
Fablab Nonprofit, King, $7,500
Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation, King, $22,500
Federal Way Symphony Orchestra, King, $11,900
Federal Way Youth Symphony Orchestra, King, $23,800
Festa Italiana, inc., King, $22,500
Fidalgo DanceWorks, Skagit, $17,500
Filipino American Community of Puget Sound, King, $22,500
Filipino Community of Seattle, King, $25,000
Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington, King, $17,500
First Sight Productions, King, $11,900
Flying House Productions, King, $25,000
Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum, King, $22,500
Freakout, King, $5,900
FREE2LUV, King, $25,000
Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio, King, $11,900
Fremont Abbey Arts Center, King, $5,900
Fremont Arts Council, King, $5,900
Friday Harbor Film Festival, San Juan, $11,900
Friends of Georgetown History, King, $23,800
Friends of Gladish, Whitman, $22,500
Friends of KEXP, King, $5,900
Friends of Little Saigon, King, $25,000
Friends of Mukai, King, $22,500
Frye Art Museum, King, $5,900
Future Arts, King, $25,000
Gage Academy of Art, King, $11,900
Gay City Health Project, King, $17,500
Georgetown Community Development Authority, King, $11,900
Greater Kent Historical Society, King, $5,900
Green River College Foundation’s Interurban Center for the Arts (ICA), King, $2,800
GreenStage, King, $4,100
Gretchen Leggitt Art, Whatcom, $9,400
Guemes Island Chamber Music Series Committee, Skagit, $11,900
Haida Roots, King, $25,000
Harmonia, King, $11,900
HDSA Historic Downtown Snohomish Association, Snohomish, $22,500
Hedgebrook, Island, $11,900
Henry Gallery Association, Inc., King, $11,900
Highland Park Improvement Club, King, $5,900
Highline Heritage Museum, King, $25,000
Hi-Liners Musical Theatre, King, $5,900
Hollow Earth Radio, King, $6,900
Holocaust Center for Humanity, King, $15,000
HONK! Festival West, King, $22,500
Humanities Washington, King, $11,900
Imagine Children’s Museum, Snohomish, $10,600
Inspire Washington, King, $11,900
Inspired Child, King, $25,000
International Peace Arch Association, Whatcom, $22,500
Intiman Theatre, King, $23,800
Iranian American Community Alliance (IACA), King, $10,000
Island Shakespeare Festival, Island, $11,900
Italian Cultural Center – Il Punto, King, $12,500
iUrban Teen, King, $25,000
Jack Straw Cultural Center, King, $11,900
James and Janie Washington Cultural Center, King, $25,000
Jansen Art Center, Whatcom, $25,00
Japan Creative Arts/The School of TAIKO, King, $17,500
Jazz Center of Bellingham, Whatcom, $22,500
Jazz Night School, King, $5,900
JazzClubsNW, King, $11,900
Jet City Improv, King, $11,900
Jewel Box Theatre, Kitsap, $5,900
JHP Cultural & Diversity Legacy, King, $25,000
Joe Brazil Legacy, King, $25,000
Kasama Space, King, $22,500
KBCS, King, $11,900
Key to Change, King, $23,800
Khambatta Dance Company, King, $21,200
Khmer Community of Seattle King County, King, $23,800
Kids Discovery Museum, Kitsap, $11,900
Kids In Concert, Kitsap, $5,900
KidsQuest Children’s Museum, King, $11,900
Kirkland Arts Center, King, $23,800
Kitsap Regional Library Foundation, Kitsap, $11,900
Korean Music Association, King, $22,500
KSER Foundation, Snohomish, $11,900
Kuntz Community Arts, Whatcom, $2,500
La Sala, King, $20,000
Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra, King, $5,900
LANGSTON, King, $23,800
Latino Theatre Projects, King, $25,000
Lee Arts Foundation, King, $5,300
Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation, Skagit, $11,900
Listen, Look and Learn TV, King, $23,800
Live Music Project, King, $2,800
Living Voices, King, $10,000
Lookout Arts Quarry, Skagit, $25,000
Lopez Community Center Association, San Juan, $5,900
Lushootseed Research, King, $11,900
Make A Scene WA, Whatcom, $23,800
Make.Shift Art Space, Whatcom, $22,500
MALACARNE, King, $23,800
Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, King, $4,100
Mari’s Place for the Arts, Snohomish, $25,000
Martyr Sauce, King, $25,000
Meany Center for the Performing Arts, King, $22,500
Medieval Women’s Choir, King, $3,100
Melodic Caring Project, Skagit, $22,500
Midsummer Musical Retreat Society, King, $11,900
Mini Mart City Park, King, $22,500
Mirror Stage, King, $23,800
Mode Music and Performing Arts, King, $13,700
Moisture Festival, King, $2,500
Mount Baker Theatre, Whatcom, $10,600
Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle (MÁS), King, $25,000
Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI), King, $25,000
Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), King, $5,900
Museum of Northwest Art, Skagit, $22,500
Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), King, $22,500
Music Center of the Northwest, King, $11,900
Music Northwest, King, $2,500
Music of Remembrance, King, $11,900
Music Works Northwest, King, $23,800
National Nordic Museum, King, $11,900
Neely Mansion Association, King, $11,900
Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, King, $25,000

Nikkei Heritage Association of Washington, King, $25,000
NOISE (Northwest Opera in Schools Etc), King, $2,500
North Corner Chamber Orchestra, King, $12,500
Northshore Performing Arts Foundation, King, $25,000
Northwest African American Museum, King, $22,500
Northwest Art Alliance, Island, $5,900
Northwest Art Center, King, $5,900
Northwest Chamber Chorus, King, $6,900
Northwest Choirs (Northwest Boychoir & Vocalpoint! Seattle), King, $5,900
Northwest Designer Craftartists, King, $25,000
Northwest Film Forum, King, $22,500
Northwest Folklife, King, $22,500
Northwest Girlchoir, King, $10,600
Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, King, $2,500
Northwest Youth Music Association, King, $11,900
Northwestshare, King, $22,500
Not An Alternative, King, $22,500
Noveltease Theatre, King, $10,000
Oak Harbor Main Street Association, Island, $5,900
Ocheami, King, $11,900
Olympic Ballet Theatre, Snohomish, $22,500
On the Boards, King, $22,500
One Reel, King, $25,000
One Vibe Africa, King, $25,000
Open Space for Arts & Community, King, $5,900
Orcas Center, San Juan, $5,900
Organizacion Centro Americano, King, $25,000
Orquesta Northwest, King, $23,800
Out Of The Ashes, Skagit, $10,000
OutCast Productions, Island, $3,100
Pacific Ballroom Dance, King, $5,900
Pacific MusicWorks, King, $5,300
Pacific Northwest Ballet, King, $5,900
Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum, Island, $5,900
Pacific Northwest Opera, Whatcom, $3,400
Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, Skagit, $22,500
Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program, King, $5,300
Panama Folklore Seattle, King, $5,900
Partners in Print, King, $5,900
Path with Art, King, $11,900
PawsWithCause, Snohomish, $25,000
Peninsula Dance Theatre, Kitsap, $2,500
Philharmonia Northwest, King, $,2,800
Phoenix Theatre, Snohomish, $25,000
Photographic Center Northwest, King, $4,700
Pickford Film Center, Whatcom, $11,900
Pilchuck Glass School, King, $5,900
Pista sa Nayon, King, $25,000
Pongo Poetry Project, King, $22,500
Pony World Theatre, King, $25,00
Pork Filled Productions, King, $5,000
Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation, Kitsap, $23,800
Pottery Northwest, King, $22,500
Pratidhwani, King, $10,600
Pratt Fine Arts Center, King, $25,000
PrideFest, King, $25,000
Puckduction, King, $25,000
Puget Soundworks, King, $22,500
Ragfinery, Whatcom, $23,800
Rain City Rock Camp, King, $25,000
Rainier Beach Action Coalition, King, $23,800
Rainier Symphony, King, $5,300
Rainier Youth Choirs, King, $3,400
Reboot Theatre Company, King, $20,000
Red Curtain Foundation for the Arts, Snohomish, $17,500
Red Eagle Soaring, King, $23,800
Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts, King, $22,500
Refugee Artisan Initiative, King, $20,000
Regional Theatre of the Palouse, Whitman, $25,000
Renton Civic Theatre, King, $21,200
Rhapsody Winterguard, Snohomish, $18,700
Richard Hugo House, King, $23,800
Ripple Productions, King, $10,600
ROXY Bremerton, Kitsap, $25,000
San Juan Community Theatre, San Juan, $11,900
Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange, King, $5,900
Saratoga Chamber Orchestra, Island, $20,000
Scarecrow Video, King, $5,900
Schack Art Center, Snohomish, $11,900
Seattle Art Museum, King, $5,900
Seattle Artist Coalition for Equitable Development, King, $25,000
Seattle Arts & Culture for Anti-Racism, King, $25,000
Seattle Arts & Lectures, King, $23,800
Seattle Asian American Film Festival, King, $22,500
Seattle Chamber Music Society, King, $11,900
Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival Committee, King, $7,500
Seattle Children’s Chorus, King, $2,800
Seattle Children’s Theatre Association, King, $11,900
Seattle Choral Company, King, $22,500
Seattle Classic Guitar Society, King, $2,500
Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, King, $4,100
Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium, King, $22,500
Seattle Design Festival, King, $5,900
Seattle Flow Arts Collective, King, $12,500
Seattle Girls Choir, King, $5,900
Seattle Jazz Fellowship, King, $11,900
Seattle JazzED, King, $22,500
Seattle Jewish Chorale, King, $15,000
Seattle Latino Film Festival, King, $25,000
Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare, King, $25,000
Seattle Opera, King, $11,900
Seattle Peace Chorus, King, $2,500
Seattle Polish Foundation, King, $4,700
Seattle Pro Musica, King, $17,500
Seattle Public Theater, King, $22,500
Seattle ReCreative, King, $4,700
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, King, $11,900
Seattle Repertory Theatre, King, $22,500
Seattle Shakespeare Company, King, $5,900
Seattle Symphony Orchestra, King, $11,900
Seattle Theatre Group, King, $5,900
Seattle Universal Math Museum (SUMM), King, $11,900
Seattle Wind Symphony, Snohomish, $22,500
Seattle Young Artists Music Festival Association, King, $11,900
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, King, $11,900
SecondStory Repertory, King, $5,900
SEEDArts, King, $25,000
Seniors Creating Art, King, $22,500
ShoreLake Arts, King, $11,900
Short Run Seattle, King, $8,100
Shunpike, King, $25,000
SIFF, King, $5,900
Skagit County Historical Museum, Skagit, $11,900
Skagit River Poetry Foundation, Skagit, $8,100
Skagit Symphony, Skagit, $11,900
Sky Valley Arts Council, Snohomish, $22,500
Sno-King Community Chorale at Edmonds Community College, Snohomish, $3,400
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, King, $22,500
Social Justice Film Institute, King, $22,500
Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, King, $2,500
SOIL Gallery, King, $22,500
Sonic Guild, King, $5,900
Soos Creek Studio, King, $25,000
Sound Theatre, King, $25,000
South End Stories, King, $25,000
South Hudson Music Project, King, $4,100
Southwest Seattle Historical Society, King, $5,900
SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, Whatcom, $5,900
Spectrum Dance Theater, King, $11,900
Stanwood Camano Arts Advocacy Commission, Snohomish, $5,900
Steel Magic Northwest, Snohomish, $4,100
Stone Soup Theatre, King, $4,100
Strawberry Theatre Workshop, King, $20,000
Studio East Training for the Performing Arts, King, $22,500
Suzuki Education and Research Association, King, $5,900
Swim Pony, King, $17,500
Taproot Theatre, King, $5,900
Tasveer, King, $25,000
Teen Strorytellers Project, Snohomish, $5,900
TeenTix, King, $23,800
Tet in Seattle, King, $22,500
The 14/48 Projects, King, $13,700
The 5th Avenue Theatre, King, $5,900
The American Chekhov Project, King, $12,500
The Bellingham Circus Guild, Whatcom, $11,900
The Black Trans Prayer Book, King, $25,000
The Center for Wooden Boats, King, $5,900
The Dance School, Snohomish, $5,900
The Esoterics, King, $25,000
The Everett Chorale Association, Snohomish, $5,900
The Federal Way Chorale, King, $2,800
The Feels Foundation, King, $17,500
The Good Foot Arts Collective, King, $22,500
The Grand Illusion Cinema, King, $4,100
The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas, King, $11,900
The Jazz Project, Whatcom, $22,500
The Kulshan Chorus, Whatcom, $11,900
The Northwest Railway Museum, King, $11,900
The Orcas Island Lit Fest, San Juan, $6,900
The Residency, King, $22,500
The Rhapsody Project, King, $25,000
The Seattle Griot Project, King, $23,800
The Shattered Glass Project, King, $20,000
The Talented Youth, King, $23,800
‘The UpNUp’ (TheUpNUp Podcast Program), King, $25,000
The Vera Project, King, $23,800
The Williams Project, King, $23,800
Theatre Off Jackson, King, $11,900
Theatre Puget Sound, King, $25,000
Theatre33, King, $5,900
Third Place Technologies, King, $22,500
Thistle Theatre, King, $22,500
Three Dollar Bill Cinema, King, $25,000
Tibetan Association of Washington, King, $21,200
Totem Star, King, $22,500
Town Hall Seattle, King, $11,900
Turkish American Cultural Association of Washington, King, $2,800
Turkish Women Charity and Aid Organization, King, $5,900
Underground Writing, Skagit, $25,000
Unexpected Productions, King, $22,500
Unified Outreach, King, $25,000
Union Cultural Center, King, $25,000
United Creatives, King, $25,000
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, King, $23,800
United Seattle Bellevue Korean School, King, $23,800
United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance – Washington, King, $25,000
University Heights Center, King, $22,500
Unkitawa, King, $25,000
upstart crow collective, King, $8,700
Urban ArtWorks, King, $23,800
Vashon Artist Residency, King, $9,400
Vashon Center for the Arts, King, $5,900
Vashon Events, King, $23,800
Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association, King, $5,900
Vashon Opera, King, $5,900
Velocity Dance Center, King, $22,500
Vibrant Palette Arts Center, King, $5,300
Vietnamese Cultural Center, King, $22,500
Village Theatre, King, $5,900
Voices of Pacific Island Nations (VOPIN), Kitsap, $25,000
Wa Na Wari, King, $25,000
Wasat, King, $23,800
Washington Blues Society, King, $5,900
Washington Ensemble Theatre, King, $25,000
Washington Music Educators Association, Snohomish, $11,900
Washington Renaissance Arts & Education Society, Kitsap, $25,000
Wayzgoose Kitsap, Kitsap, $5,300
WEAVE Presents, Kitsap, $23,800
West Sound Chorus, Kitsap, $3,400
Western Washington Center for the Arts I, Kitsap, $5,900
Whatcom Chorale, Whatcom, $7,500
Whatcom Museum Foundation, Whatcom, $11,900
Whidbey Children’s Theater, Island, $22,500
Whidbey Island Arts Council, Island, $5,900
Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, Island, $5,900
Whidbey Island Dance Theater, Island, $2,800
Whim W’Him, King, $23,800
Windz of Change Alliance, King, $25,000
Wing Luke Memorial Foundation, King, $23,800
Women United, King, $8,700
Wonder of Women International, King, $25,000
yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective, King, $25,000
Young Shakespeare Workshop, King, $25,000
Young Women Empowered, King, $25,000
Youth in Focus, King, $23,800
Youth Speaks Seattle, King, $25,000
Youth Theatre Northwest, King, $23,800


7th Street Kids, Grays Harbor, $5,600
7th Street Theatre, Grays Harbor, $10,600
9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Museum, Pierce, $23,800
Appelo Archives Center, Pacific, $7,500
Arbutus Folk School, Thurston, $5,300
Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Pierce, $25,000
Ballet Northwest, Thurston, $3,400
Centrum, Jefferson, $22,500
Coast Salish Wool Weaving Center, Mason, $25,000
Columbia Dance, Clark, $2,500
Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum, Skamania, $11,900
Columbia Theatre Association for the Performing Arts, Cowlitz, $5,900
Cora Voce, Pierce, $5,300
Evergreen Playhouse Inc, Lewis, $11,900
Field Arts & Events Hall, Clallam, $11,900
Fire Mountain Arts Council, Lewis, $22,500
Fred Oldfield Western Heritage Center, Pierce, $3,700
Friends of DanceWorks WA, Clark, $5,900
Gig Harbor BoatShop, Pierce, $5,900
Great Bend Center for Music, Mason, $25,000
Hands On Children’s Museum, Thurston, $5,600
Harbor History Museum, Pierce, $5,900
Harlequin Productions, Thurston, $5,900
Hilltop Artists in Residence, Pierce, $11,900
Indigenous Performance Productions, Thurston, $25,000
International Mermaid Museum, Grays Harbor, $11,900
Jefferson Museum of Art & History, Jefferson, $2,500
Journey Theater Arts, Clark, $5,900
Juan De Fuca Foundation of the Arts, Clallam, $25,000
Key City Players, Inc, Jefferson, $23,800
KNKX 88.5FM, Pierce, $5,900
Lakewold Gardens, Pierce, $5,900
Lakewood Community Players, Pierce, $5,900
Lelooska Foundation, Cowlitz, $25,000
Long Beach Peninsula Acoustic Music Foundation, Pacific, $2,500
Magenta Theater Company, Clark, $11,900
Mason County Historical Society Museum, Mason, $4,100
McCleary Historical Society, Grays Harbor, $5,300
Mineral School, Lewis, $11,900
Museum of Glass, Pierce, $11,900
Native American Reentry Services, Pierce, $23,800
North Beach Artists Guild, Grays Harbor, $11,900
Northwest Carriage Museum, Pacific, $10,600
Northwind Art, Jefferson, $11,900
Olympia Arts & Heritage Alliance, Thurston, $5,900
Olympia Family Theater, Thurston, $23,800
Olympia Film Society, Thurston, $11,900
Olympia Lamplighters, Thurston, $25,000
Olympia Musical Theatre (OMT), Thurston, $2,500

Olympia Symphony Orchestra, Thurston, $11,900
Olympic Music Festival, Jefferson, $11,900
Olympic Theatre Arts, Clallam, $22,500
Orchestral Recital Series of Tacoma, Pierce, $11,900
Pacific Northwest Theater, Thurston, $22,500
Peninsula Art League, Pierce, $5,900
Peninsula Hands on Art, Pierce, $3,400
Peninsula Youth Orchestra Association, Pierce, $22,500
Pierce County Library Foundation, Pierce, $10,600
Polson Park & Museum Historical Society, Grays Harbor, $11,900
Port Angeles Community Players, Clallam, $10,600
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Clallam, $22,500
Port Townsend Creative District, Jefferson, $11,900
Port Townsend School of Woodworking, Jefferson, $22,500
Puget Sound Revels, Pierce, $2,800
Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Pierce, $25,000
Sequim City Band, Clallam, $11,900
Skokomish Indian Tribe, Mason, $25,000
Songwriting Works Educational Foundation, Jefferson, $25,000
Southwest Washington Dance Center, Lewis, $11,900
Southwest Washington Symphony, Cowlitz, $2,500
Sou’wester Arts, Pacific, $23,800
Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia, Thurston, $4,700
Symphony Tacoma, Pierce, $11,900
Tacoma Art Museum, Pierce, $5,900
Tacoma Arts Live, Pierce, $11,900
Tacoma Boat Builders, Pierce, $25,000
Tacoma City Ballet, Pierce, $5,900
Tacoma Concert Band, Pierce, $4,100
Tacoma Historical Society, Pierce, $11,900
Tacoma Little Theatre and Drama League, Pierce, $5,900
Tacoma Music Academy, Pierce, $5,900
Tacoma Opera Association, Pierce, $11,900
Tacoma Refugee Choir, Pierce, $22,500
Tacoma Sister Cities, Pierce, $11,900
Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center, T.U.P.A.C., Pierce, $25,000
Tacoma Youth Chorus, Pierce, $5,900
Tacoma Youth Symphony Association, Pierce, $11,900
Tahoma Indian Center, Pierce, $23,800
Ted Brown Music Outreach, Pierce, $5,900
Tenino Young-at-Heart Theatre, Thurston, $11,900
The Bridge Music Project, Thurston, $25,000
The Production Alliance, Jefferson, $11,900
Thurston Community Media, Thurston, $22,500
Vancouver Master Chorale, Clark, $11,900
Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Thurston, $11,900
Washington State Historical Society, Pierce, $5,900
Window Seat Media, Thurston, $22,500
Woodland Dance Center, Cowlitz, $3,100
Write253, Pierce, $15,000