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Why run a workplace campaign for the arts?

Workplace Giving campaigns provide a company’s employees the opportunity to rally together and support over 130 arts organizations whose programming and outreach makes our community an ideal place to live, work and raise a family. All ArtsFund drives are developed closely with the hosting company so that they fit in with the culture and fulfill needs.

What does a typical campaign look like?

In most cases campaigns are 1-2 weeks long and include an informal kickoff event with a brief presentation complete with remarks and entertainment. Some campaigns are low-key and others include raffles and activities.

Workplace campaigns offer:

  • Convenience – support the arts ecosystem through one gift
  • Individuality – you choose to participate, how much to give, how to give
  • Education – get information you might not otherwise know
  • Teamwork – come together for a common goal
  • Inspiration – be inspired by your leaders and your coworkers, or be an inspiration to them
  • Fun – entertainment at the kickoff, team competitions, prizes

How do we get started?

If you would like to learn more about hosting ArtsFund in your workplace please contact 206-281-9050.

Who’s involved?

Employee contributions through workplace giving campaigns contribute nearly $300,000 to our annual fund each year. Thank you to the employees of the following companies who have come together to support Puget Sound arts organizations: