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About the Cultural Partners Network

ArtsFund’s Cultural Partners are a network of ArtsFund-affiliated arts and cultural organizations of the Central Puget Sound region. The Cultural Partners Network was formed in 2015. Through trainings, events, and communications, the goal is to deepen ties between organizations, provide capacity building resources, and generate exposure to new audiences and donors.

The Cultural Partners Network is comprised of over 130 organizations based in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Currently, the primary disciplines represented in the network  are Music & Opera, Multi-disciplinary, and Theatre. Budget sizes of Cultural Partner organizations fall between the range of under $50K to over $5M or more and represent volunteer-run organizations to those with 50 employees or more.

ArtsFund recognizes the value our Cultural Partners add to one another and to our programming and impact and provides a variety of opportunities for ongoing engagement.

ArtsFund supports the arts through leadership, advocacy, and grantmaking activities in order to support arts organizations throughout the state of Washington be adaptive to the future. We believe that when organizations are healthy, inclusive and equitable, and engaged with youth and families that our work contributes to a dynamic, equitable, and robust cultural sector. As affiliates of ArtsFund, Cultural Partners should support our work building a healthy, equitable, and creative Washington. You can learn more about ArtsFund’s mission, vision, and values here.

Participation in the network does not guarantee inclusion in any of ArtsFund’s granting programs.

Photon on the left is of three dancers mid-performance wearing matching blue, red, and yellow skirts with audience in the background. Photo on the right is of two people facing an exhibit wall with photographs and text Portrait from the Overflow.


ArtsFund’s Cultural Partners

Photo on left is eight dancers stand side-by-side on stage with large brush-stroke like design in the background. Photo on the right is Multiple performers wearing feathered headpieces and colorful skirts interacting in front of a wall of portraits.

Value statement

We believe that creating spaces for connection among Cultural Partners will build partnerships, spark new relationships, and deepen continuing relationships; that the most valuable resource for the network is the knowledge and perspectives of its members; that working together in partnership builds a dynamic, equitable, and robust cultural sector.

Annual surveying

We conduct annual data collection to better understand the composition of the network, the challenges that cultural organizations are facing, and to identify timely needs so that ArtsFund can create responsive programming and opportunities to serve the Cultural Partners Network. See below for survey findings.

For more information

To learn about the eligibility criteria, benefits of the network, and how to join, read our FAQs here.

For questions or more information, please contact