ArtsFund releases 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

What’s ahead for ArtsFund?  Check out our newly released Strategic Plan!

Building towards our 50th Birthday!

ArtsFund will celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2019.  The 2017-2018 Strategic Plan is an update to our 2013 plan, and positions us to move into the next 50 years.

What’s in the plan?

The plan renews our commitment to our existing mission and vision:

Mission: ArtsFund strengthens the community by supporting the arts through leadership, advocacy, and grant making­.

Vision: A community with a world class and dynamic arts and cultural sector where the arts are accessible to all and valued as central and critical to a healthy society.

and sets forth goals and strategies to:

-Advance community priorities through the arts,

-Contribute to the strength and community impact of arts organizations, and

-Increase and diversity funding and grow our organization.

What’s driving it?

The Plan lays out ArtsFund’s values and guiding principles as a foundation for our work and how we advance our mission.  At ArtsFund we:

Ignite Passion for the Arts.

– We believe arts and culture inspire, empower, and transform individuals and communities.

Promote Equitable and Inclusive Communities.

– We believe the arts should be accessible to all and reflect, represent, and engage the entire community.

Innovate through Collaboration and Leadership.

– We believe our impact and relevance, and that of the arts sector, are deepened though continuous learning, creative leadership, and strategic partnerships.

Who helped?

The strategic planning process was supported by funding from The Boeing Company and the Satterberg Foundation.   Thanks to our strategic planning task force of trustees and volunteers, and to all who contributed input throughout the process.

Now what? How can you get involved? 

People are our strength.  Our donors, volunteers, and civic and community partners are integral to seeing this plan to fruition.  Get involved by supporting ArtsFund through making a donation, volunteering your time and perspective, and joining us at an upcoming event.  Become an ArtsFund champion, and let people know why!  Your support enables us to maximize our impact, and to grow into the next 50 years. Learn more here.

Photo: Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Chelsea Adomaitis and Price Suddarth in the 2016 PNB premiere of Alejandro Cerrudo’s Little Mortal Jump. © Angela Sterling.