ArtsFund’s 2020-21 Campaign 97% to goal

ArtsFund’s 2020-2021 fundraising campaign will close on June 30, but we haven’t quite yet reached our goal. We’re counting on donors to help us cross (and maybe even blow past) the finish line and ensure we can fully fund all of our programs, including our annual grant allocations, which have been forward-funded with the expectation that our supporters will come through.

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Our annual funding is critically important to our nonprofit partners, and more so than ever this year. We didn’t want to wait any longer to send this funding to the organizations who need them to recover and reopen from the pandemic. However, if you haven’t yet contributed to ArtsFund’s 2020-21 campaign, we’re relying on your gift to ensure we meet our goal.

ArtsFund’s fundraising campaign runs from the start of our fiscal year in October through June of the following year. Hundreds of individuals, corporations, and foundations have already contributed to bring us to 97% of our goal. Meeting goal will ensure we can fully pursue all the projects we’ve planned to rebuild and strengthen the cultural community.

In addition to our unrestricted general operating grants, contributions support ArtsFund’s multifaceted programming that strengthens the entire arts sector, including our research studies, leadership development, public advocacy, and capacity-building programs. At this moment ArtsFund is conducting a COVID-19 Impact Study examining the effects of the pandemic on arts and culture nonprofits. We also continue to develop resources for arts organizations and advocate for additional financial and policy support from public agencies.

ArtsFund’s donors are playing a critical role in the recovery of the arts sector. The cultural organizations that serve our community face numerous challenges before they can safely and swiftly reopen: rehiring and training staff, developing new health and safety protocols, renovating venues, or upgrading air filtration systems. They need support now so they can welcome our communities back to their spaces as soon as possible.

While we work toward this recovery, we’re also taking advantage of this unique opportunity to reimagine the work of cultural organizations to be more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable than ever before. Our nonprofit partners would like to continue reaching new audiences through accessible digital programming and expanding arts education services to youth across the state, but they’ll need funding to support the required infrastructure. This work cannot wait. We must invest in our arts community today to ensure a more vibrant and resilient arts community tomorrow.

From all of us at ArtsFund: Thank You to the donors and supporters who’ve stood with us during this extremely challenging year. Together, we will usher in the recovery of the cultural sector and build an even brighter future for the arts.