Campaign 2019 is Underway!

ArtsFund recently launched our 2019 Campaign, and this year we’re exploring the many ways the arts intersect with key community priorities.

Whether you’re passionate about health and wellness, youth education, neighborhood vitality, or another important community issue, research proves that arts and culture are powerful tools that make other programs and interventions more effective.

Our recently released Social Impact of the Arts Study frames a new way of understanding the public value of the arts in King County. Exposure to the arts improves academic and social outcomes for youth across socio-economic status. Arts programs influence individual and community health, leading to longer lives, better lived. They foster community identity and social cohesion and help us build racial and social justice. Check out our Social Impact Study website to learn more!

With a gift to ArtsFund, you connect over 120 cultural institutions in our region with much-needed resources and funding. Your gift not only fuels important artworks on stages and walls, it helps enable arts outreach programs that touch many for whom the arts would otherwise be inaccessible.

Join us in making this vital work possible with a gift today!

Don’t forget!
This year our Celebration of the Arts Luncheon is coming early, on March 20, 2019. We can’t wait to see you there!