Campaign Spotlight: Only 3 weeks left to meet our goal!

ArtsFund’s Campaign 2015 ends June 30th. With three weeks left in Campaign 2015, there’s still time to help us reach our  goal of $3.1 million.    Join us in supporting the Puget Sound arts organizations that make our region thrive by donating today!

Revenues from the 44th annual drive, which ends on June 30th, will support operating fund grants to approximately 60 King and Pierce county nonprofit arts groups, large and small, spanning a wide variety of disciplines.    ArtsFund has awarded more than $71 million in grants since its inception in 1969.



“A healthy, dynamic arts community does more than just increase quality of life.  It inspires learning, promotes a healthy social environment, and attracts the world-class talent our region requires to be globally competitive.  Supporting ArtsFund is one of the most effective ways of thoughtfully investing in both strengthening the Seattle arts community, as well as promoting accessibility to everyone.  I support ArtsFund not just because I enjoy the arts, but because I believe it will help Seattle become a truly world-class city.

David Jones, Microsoft
Executive Producer/Principal Program Manager


“I have given to ArtsFund since we started (workplace giving) campaigns (at Sellen Construction), and I don’t just do it because it is the right thing to do, I do it because I have a strong passion for the arts.  The arts have no boundaries.  All age groups, and  all ethnic groups alike enjoy the arts.  Art is everywhere.  It’s a part of almost everything we do, touch, see and hear.  By giving to ArtsFund, I feel like I am helping provide resources to artists that would otherwise not have them, and in return, I get to experience the arts in many different ways.”

Bret Hillman, Sellen Construction


Join us in making the community stronger by clicking here. Your support ensures broad access to diverse artistic, educational, and engaging outreach programs that make our region a vibrant place to live and work.

Donate today and help us reach our goal!