Unpacking the COVID Cultural Impact Study

Our first-of-its-kind study has been released. Learn how you can activate the CCIS findings through these recently recorded community events. To read the report and executive summary, visit our COVID Cultural Impact Study page.

What the Pandemic is Changing: A Community Conversation around the WA COVID Cultural Impact Study

Recorded January 20, 2022

To mark the study’s launch, ArtsFund hosted a live community conversation for the public to share top-level findings and personal impact stories from community leaders.


Monique Courcy, TeenTix
Amada Cruz, Seattle Art Museum
Tim Lennon, LANGSTON
Melissa Huggins, Spokane Arts
Sarah Sidman, ArtsFund
Michael Greer, ArtsFund President & CEO
Sung Yang, ArtsFund Board Chair

“Planning for our future is . . . really doubling down on our efforts to meet community needs where it is. Maybe putting on another show is not what our community needs most right now. How can we reimagine our mission and manifest our vision of cultivating Black brilliance off our stage?”
– Tim Lennon

Diving Deeper: How Nonprofits can Leverage the COVID Cultural Impact Study

Recorded February 8, 2022

Our public release event was followed up with a special opportunity for members of ArtsFund’s Cultural Partners Network to convene with colleagues in the cultural sector, look closer at findings from the study, and join in a discussion about how to use the report as a tool for planning, advocacy, and fundraising


Amy Chasanov, 5th Avenue Theatre
David Fischer, Tacoma Arts Live
Nina Yarbrough, 4Culture
Kate Becker, Office of King County Executive Dow     Constantine
Vivien Savath, BERK Consulting, CCIS author
Manny Cawaling, Inspire Washington
Michael Greer, ArtsFund President & CEO

“I’m hoping that this is the opportunity for all of us to rethink our case, to accelerate the pace of change so that we can meet the tastes, and the needs, and the format of the next generation. Because we can’t be looking in the rearview mirror. We can’t do what we’ve always done.”
– David Fischer

Thanks to our CCIS Community Conversation Sponsor:

Bank of America


Header image: Photo courtesy of Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum Reopening performance, photo by Jueqian Fan; Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), Girl Scout Day at the Museum, photo courtesy of MoPOP.