DONOR SPOTLIGHT 100 years of giving: The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. Since making their first charitable contribution in 1917, Boeing has been deeply committed to philanthropy and investment in the communities where their employees live and work.

Last year alone, The Boeing Company, its employees and retirees gave more than $50 Million to approximately 200 Washington organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people in this state.  These contributions have made a significant positive impact on the health and vitality of this region, from support of the arts and education, health and conservation, to social services and providing assistance and resources to our military veterans.

Boeing’s leadership, generosity and commitment have been instrumental in creating and sustaining the remarkable cultural life of this region.

They’ve given millions to Puget Sound nonprofits to support arts education efforts that increase the social, emotional, and cognitive development for young people; new music, theater, dance, literary, and visual arts programs; and capacity building projects to improve organizational efficiency and financial sustainability.  In addition, Boeing has provided enormous assets of human capital for leadership, project support, planning, and technical assistance. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Boeing executives and employees over the years have served on arts organization boards, strategic planning committees, and through the loaned employees program.   Their human component in the Puget Sound arts scene is remarkable in its level of expertise, dedication and enthusiasm.

The Boeing Company has partnered with ArtsFund since our inception nearly 50 years ago and is one of our most stalwart supporters.  In addition to their annual financial support, Boeing has been an integral and forward-looking partner in launching several key initiatives.  In 1991, we collaborated to create the Building for the Arts statewide capital granting program, and in 2013, Boeing provided start up and administrative sponsorship for power2give/PugetSound, ArtsFund’s regional arts crowdfunding platform.

Our history with Boeing traces back to ArtsFund’s founding.  In 1968, Lowell P. Mickelwait, a senior executive representing The Boeing Company, signed on as the fourth person in support of the formation of what is today ArtsFund, then known as the United Arts Council of Puget Sound. Throughout our history, we have valued our significant relationships with Boeing volunteers, who have served on both our Board of Trustees and in our volunteer Associates Program, as well as on our grant allocations committees.

It is unimaginable that we would have the arts life we do today without Boeing.  From grants and donations, to employee gift matching and volunteer work, Boeing’s philanthropic impact on our region is tremendous.

In honor of their instrumental role in helping this region’s arts and culture grow and thrive over the past century,  ArtsFund presented an award recognizing  The Boeing Company for 100 years of community leadership at our Celebration of the Arts Luncheon on May 4, 2016.

This region benefits, year after year, because of Boeing’s commitment to better our communities, and ArtsFund is proud to shine a donor spotlight on The Boeing Company.

For more information on Boeing’s celebration of a century of growth in Washington, click here.