Funding Arts Benefits All

On May 31st ArtsFund’s 2017 Campaign ends. Every year we raise funds for the area’s arts organizations, distributing them in grants soon after the Campaign ends. Dollars raised go directly into the funding pool.

A contributor to ArtsFund, we can say with confidence, is also a community builder. The organizations we support create conversations that are vital to understanding society and ourselves, contributing to a healthier Puget Sound.

For nearly 50 years ArtsFund has been a generator and custodian of the region’s cultural capital and along the way many have joined us as a partner. Their generous support has enabled us to help hundreds of diverse arts organizations fulfill their missions through performances, exhibits, readings, outreach and education.

Funding the arts elevates neighborhoods, communities, the region, and ourselves. This is your opportunity to play a role in keeping the arts vital and sustainable. Visit our website to help support the arts today.

For a list of our Grantees, click here.

For a full list of our 111 Cultural Partners, click here.