Who created power2give? Who hosts power2give/PugetSound? is a project of the Arts & Science Council–Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Inc. (ASC). ASC, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a non-profit whose mission is to build appreciation, participation and support for the arts, science, history and heritage in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

power2give/PugetSound is hosted by ArtsFund, a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to strengthen the community by supporting the arts through leadership, advocacy and grant making.

How does it work?

501c(3) organizations located in the Puget Sound region (King, Pierce, Snohomish or Kitsap Counties) and invited by ArtsFund are eligible to post arts and culture projects in need of funding. Individuals visit the site and make donations directed to projects about which they are passionate. The donations are made to ArtsFund which is a 501(c)(3) organization. ArtsFund has the ultimate authority to use the contributions at ArtsFund’s discretion for purposes consistent with the exempt purposes of ASC. That said, it is ArtsFund’s expressed intention to distribute gifted donations to those charities that are chosen by the donor. ArtsFund manages the operations of the website. ArtsFund takes about 7 cents of every dollar to cover administrative costs, which is well below the national fundraising standards of 20%.

Can I only fund part of a project?

Yes, you can contribute as much as you like to projects as long as it is over $1 and your donation is in whole dollar amounts.

What happens if the project I fund isn’t fully funded by the end of its posting period?

ArtsFund intends to provide the donations to the project poster and host organization even if the project is not fully funded. In that case, the project poster and host organization will notify you as to how they plan to adapt their project.

Can my gift(s) be refunded?

No, ArtsFund does not have the capacity to provide refunds for gifts at this time. However, if you have questions or concerns as to how your gift is being used, please contact

What payment options are available on power2give?

At this time, you can give to projects on via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or power2give gift card.  Your credit card will be processed and charged immediately upon payment

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. is a project of ArtsFund, a 501(c)(3) organization. Therefore, your donation is fully tax deductible. Because the donor benefits are required not to have tax implications, you can deduct your full donation on your taxes.

How am I acknowledged for my gift?

You will receive an automatic e-mail receipt from power2give for your records. You will also receive additional communications from the organization(s) you supported.

What are the donor benefits? How do I redeem my donor benefits?

Donor benefits are incentives provided by the project poster to give back to the donor in small ways that make them feel even more connected to the particular project. The project poster will contact you shortly after the project has been fully funded or expired to distribute donor benefits.

Is my online donation secure?

Yes. has a valid SSL security certificate and works with responsible and verified vendors to ensure your information is safe and secure.

How do I know the project I give to will use my funds appropriately?

All projects posted on the site are by certified 501(c)3 organizations that have been reviewed by ArtsFund. While neither ArtsFund nor personally endorses any of the projects on the site, we put in this oversight to ensure the quality of the organizations submitting projects. In addition, the project organization will send follow up information detailing the execution and results of the project to show how your funds were used.

Are matching funds always available?

Matching funds may not always be available but ArtsFund will solicit potential matching fund partners on an ongoing basis.

How will I know if matching funds will be available?
Up-to-date information detailing any available match is listed on all applicable project postings.

How are matching funds awarded?
Matching funds are released on a first-come, first-served  basis. When a match is available, its specifics are highlighted in the project posting, and the matching dollars are credited immediately as online donations are made.  A project does not need to receive full funding in order to receive the match.

What are the ways I can get involved with a project aside from donating?

You can help promote projects through email and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.

How does power2give differ from GiveBIG?  

power2give is both  year-round and project-specific.  In addition, all posting organizations must have an arts and culture based mission.  Projects are limited in budget to $7500. And the match works differently, with specifics posted in each project listing.

ArtsFund is excited to offer this new and ongoing online opportunity to engage with and support the region’s arts and culture sector.  In complement to the great work accomplished though The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG day, power2give/Puget Sound allows more people to take part in art.

Can I post a project on power2give for a program/production/etc that will be occurring at the same time as the project posting?

Project posting periods may not overlap with the time period in which the actual project will be implemented. For example, you may not post a project for a production, program or show that is already in progress. This creates confusion for donors around the need for and impact of their donations upon the specific  project they are supporting.

How do I stay up to date on 

Follow ArtsFund on Facebook  (, and search for #p2g.  Also, for more information, visit:  (

Sponsor FAQs

Who should I contact to learn more about becoming a matching funds sponsor?

Please contact Mike Woodman at to learn more about the unique corporate and individual partner opportunities that fit you and your needs.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor contributes money in the form of matching dollars or donations to a project or projects on

Can I choose which specific projects or types of projects I sponsor?

Yes, you are able to have complete control over which projects your organization contributes to, and we can help you tailor it to your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.

Can my logo appear on the site if I am a corporate sponsor?

Yes! We will place your logo with each project you sponsor. It will appear on both the “Project Listing Page” and individual “Project Detail Page”.


Project Creation FAQs

Who can post a project?

501(c)(3)organizations located in King, Pierce, Snohomish or Kitsap Counties that have an arts and culture mission and have been approved for posting by ArtsFund.  Posting is by invitation only.  Organizations may post arts-related projects in visual, performing, literary or media arts that have a cost up to $7,500.

What information is required to post a project?

Project Title, Funding Amount, Project Start Date, Project End Date, Posting Start Date, Project Categories, Project Photo, and Project Narrative are needed to submit a project.

What are my responsibilities as a project poster?

Project posters are responsible for submitting all information and ensuring that it is truthful and accurate; marketing your projects to your constituencies and potential donors; thanking donors and distributing donor benefits; and following up with donors upon project completion.

What happens if my project is only partially funded when it expires?

All donations on power2give are made directly to ArtsFund. It is ArtsFund’s intention to honor the expressed purpose of the gift by directing those dollars to the organization and project chosen by the donor. It is ArtsFund’s intention to provide donations to qualified 501(c)(3) posting organizations even if the project is only partially funded when it expires. In such case, it is then your responsibility to keep all donors informed as to how the project might change as a result of receiving less funding than requested.

When will I receive the funds from my project?

It is ArtsFund’s intention to donate the funds received from your project no later than 15 business days after the project has fully funded or it expires.

How do I know who donated to my project and how much?

As donors give to your project, you will receive a notification of the gift that includes the gift amount, donor name, and donor email so you will always have a continuous stream of who is donating to your project. You can always access all donor information to any of your projects by selecting “Donor Reports” from the drop down menu in the upper right part of the Project Dashboard page.

Are matching funds always available?

Matching funds may not always be available but ArtsFund will solicit potential matching fund partners on an ongoing basis.

How will I know if matching funds will be available?
ArtsFund will notify all active posting organizations as new matching funds become available.

How are matching funds awarded?
Matching funds are released on a first-come, first serve basis. When a match is available, its specifics are highlighted in the project posting, and the matching dollars are credited immediately as online donations are made.  A project does not need to receive full funding in order to receive the match.

Why does ArtsFund withhold a 7% administrative fee?

As much as we would like our project posters and their organizations to receive all of the funding from the site, we still need to pay fees to the credit card companies plus a 3.75% fee to the Arts & Science Council to host and make new developments to keep the site fresh and current. We are grateful to The Boeing Company for sponsoring our start-up costs, enabling us to keep this administrative fee at 7% rather than the more common fee of 12%.

Do I have to account for the 7% administrative fee when I am calculating the funding amount for my project or will power2give factor it in?

Yes, add 7% to the budget so the total amount of funding received is not affected.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount a project can cost?

A minimum of $1,000 is recommended; the maximum project amount is $7,500. Larger projects can be divided into phases if appropriate.

Can I re-submit an expired project?

If a project has expired but was not fully funded, it may be resubmitted, but we recommend you revise and edit it to try a different approach to receive the full funding amount.

What does my project expiration date mean?

The project expiration date is automatically calculated as 90 days from when the posting start date begins, unless you have selected a shorter time period (e.g. a “flash” project). After that date, the project will be removed from the site regardless of whether it has been fully funded.

How many projects can I have active on at once?

At this time, ArtsFund is only allowing groups to post one project at a time, to avoid donor confusion and to allow ArtsFund to gauge its capacity. This may be revised in the future. We recommend you consider having other projects in the pipeline to post when your current project is funded.

What if my organization is unable to complete the project directly following the time we receive the funds?

If your organization plans to complete the project at a later date, please make this clear in the project narrative and when you follow up with your donors who have given to the project. The tangible connection to the project is an important piece of your donor loyalty.