Campaign 2021 Donors

ArtsFund is grateful to the following supporters who made gifts or pledges toward Campaign 2021 (gifts were received between 8/1/20 and 9/15/21).

For a list of our corporate and foundation supporters, please click here.

For a list of our COVID-19 Arts Emergency Relief Fund donors, please click here


Diamond Club
$50,000 and up

Katharyn A. Gerlich
Mary Pigott
Theiline Scheumann

Gold Club
$25,000 – $49,999

Ellen Ferguson
Lawrence and Mary Ellen Hughes
Moccasin Lake Foundation
The Snapp Charitable Fund

Conductor’s Circle
$10,000 – $24,999

Judi Beck and Tom Alberg
Stephen Behnen and Mary Hornsby
Carl and Renee Behnke
Stephan Coonrod and Cheryl Clark
The Lenore Hanauer Foundation
John Hoedemaker
Peter and Peggy Horvitz

Debbie Killinger
M. Thomas and Gwen Kroon
Charlotte Lin and Robert Porter
Sandy McDade
Anthony and Erica Miles
Neukom Family

Judy Pigott
Stephen and Paula Reynolds
Faye and Herman Sarkowsky
Kathy Surace-Smith and Brad Smith
James and Katherine Tune
Ann P. Wyckoff
Anonymous (3)

First Chair
$5,000 – $9,999

Eve and Ellsworth Alvord
Michael and Anne Bentley
Kent and Sandra Carlson
David H. Corry
Rebecca and William Curry
Allan and Nora Davis
Patrick Evans
Jane and Stan Fields
Kevin and Lynne Fox
Lynn and Brian Grant Family
Richard and Marilyn Herzberg
Susan Howell

Lynn Hubbard and David Zapolsky
Jacqueline Jones and Tyler WoebkenbergAFV
Stellman Keehnel and Patricia Britton
Karen L. Koon
Tom Leonidas
Dana and Roger Lorenze
Lowen Family Foundation
Lisa McGimpsey
Alexandra Mertens and Zachary SmithAFV

Kristine and Mark Mitchke
Brian and Phoebe Paulen
Bill and Teresa Predmore
Herb and Lucy Pruzan
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins and the William M. Jenkins Fund
Audrey and David Rostov
Cindy Snyder
Maggie Walker
Sung Yang and SoYoung Kwon

$2,500 – $4,999

Robert W. Achilles
Frances Ames
Kumi Yamamoto Baruffi and Anthony Baruffi
The Becke and Zhong Families
Brad and Carla Berg
Alan and Ashley Bruggeman
Artie and Sue Buerk
Diana Carey
Theodore and Patricia Collins
David R. Davis

Rebecca S. Engrav and Joon-Ho Yu
Bert Gregory FAIA
Erin and Richard HobsonAFV
Dan and Connie Hungate
Maria C. Mackey
Kathy F. McAuley
Rachel and Doug McCall
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery
Jamie and Troy MillerAFV

Charles Nordhoff and Maribeth O’Connor
Leigh and Louise Rabel Foundation
Scott and Shawn Redman
Keith Schreiber and Clare Kapitan
Charles and Delphine Stevens
Nancy and Mark Stratton
David Taft
John Teutsch and Mary Foster
Linda Walton and Andrew Hoyal

$1,000 – $2,499

Shawn and Lynne Aebi
Sheena Aebig and Eric Taylor
Charles Alpers and Ingrid Peterson
Lindsay Anderson and Janet Piehl
Gretchen Anex
Armstrong FamilyAFV
The Barnard Charitable Fund
Rebecca Benaroya
Karen Bergin and Sean Puffett
Andrea Bolliger
Meagan BriggsAFV
Jane Broom and Brent Davidson
Jessica and Kevin Brown
Shavondelia Brown
Bruce Brundige
Laura Corvi and Robert Davis
David Daggett
James A. Degel and Jeanne E. Berwick
Mayur Deshpande and Sayantani MukherjeeAFV
Idalice Dickinson
Jim and Gaylee Duncan
Karl Ege
Thomas and Jeanne Emrich
Robert Evans and Steve Davis
Adrienne Fairhall
Kathryn Fleischer and David Stein
Mark Fox
Christina Fraser
Sarah Friedman and Michael Burg
Dylan Fuge
Rod Fujita
Daniel and Mareth Fulton
Joseph and Terri Gaffney
Dwight Gee and Barbara Wright*
Dirk Giseburt and Marilyn Stahl
Kevin Goodell

Claire and Paul Grace
Lynne Graybeal
Mick Haggerty
Aya Hamilton and Drew Welk
Roy Hamrick
Benjamin Kinney Harris and Vladimir Kremenovic
Richard and Elizabeth Hedreen
The Heyman Family
Steven and Sandra Hill
Bret Hillman
Matt and Amy HiteAFV
Suzanne Hittman
Cynthia Huffman and Ray Heacox
Jason Hunke and Rich Nolle
Jane and David Huntington
Laurie Jordan
Christopher and Linda Koa
J. David Larsen
Carla and Don Lewis
Scott and Nancy MacCormack
Elizabeth MacPherson
Barbara and Michael Malone Family Fund
Blanche and Stephen Maxwell
Jerin May
N. Elizabeth McCaw*
Eve McClure and Florence Peterschmidt
Matt McDonald
Anna, Rían, and Shane McHugh
Tim McKey
Mike and Beate Myers
Erika Nesholm
Chris NeussAFV
Timothy J. O’Connell
Bruce and Janet O’Connor
Cheryl and Tom Oliver
Lisa and Keith Oratz
Kathleen M. O’Sullivan

The Poissant Family
Carol and Doug Powell
Vanessa Soriano Power
Craig Price
Rabel Family Designated Fund
Suzanne Ragen
Dave and Sally Ratzke
Will Rava and Sara Morris
David Ray
Mike and Tabitha Ryberg
Sarah Scott
Todd Shively and Chris Woods
Amanda Silver
Goldie and Don Silverman
John Sims and Trish Espedal
J. G. SosaAFV
Elaine Spencer and Dennis Forsyth
Barbara and Robert Spindel
Kent Stowell and Francia Russell
Kathleen Sullivan
Woodrow Turner Sullivan, III
Jonathan Tait and Katherine Kirkpatrick
The Tarshes and Kerdeman Family
Justin TillmanAFV
Betty Lou Treiger
Nancy Ward and Toby Bright
Ann and Richard Weiner
Karen Whitney
Robert and Sara Wicklein
Mary and Fred Williams
Kristine and Patrick Wilson
Wanda Wong
Christina Wright
Leslie and Tachi Yamada
Anonymous In memory of Marie Ricketts
Anonymous (9)

ArtsFund Supporters
$500 – $999

Sal AbdallaAFV
Andrew Aiken
David and Gay Allais
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Allen
Paul AndersonAFV
Phoebe Andrew
Hasham AzamAFV
Jean Beck
Ronald L. Berenstain
Leslie Ray Bernstein and Michael Bernstein
William B. Beyers and Margaret L. Beyers
Steve and Julie Bishop
Luther Black and Christina Wright
Kelly BlomquistAFV
Troy BohmanAFV
Frank Bosl
Jill D. Bowman
Walt Braithwaite
Michael BreedenAFV
Joyce Brosy
Duff Bryant
Mark BucekAFV
Jeanne Burbidge
David J. Burman
Colton CarothersAFV
Lindsey Chapman
Susan Coliton
Sharon Cornish-Martin
Miles CraigwellAFV
Juliet DanielAFV
Connor Davis
Jordan Davis
Mahlet Demissie and Olinga AsressAFV
Tom Des Brisay
Bruce E. Dick
Patrick and Marlene Dineen
Karen Domino
Jeremy and Kristin DuimAFV
Lorri Anne Dunsmore
Athena DuranAFV
Bill Dye
Educational Legacy Fund
Nancy Faegenburg in Memory of Frank Sandford
Clayton FederspielAFV
Campion FellinAFV
Chandler and Jan Felt
Hunter FergusonAFV
Marquesa FigueroaAFV
Jon Fine and Paula Selis
David Fischer
Bonnie Francis
Bruce Funkhouser and Michelle Friars
Craig Gagner
Alice M. GallagherAFV
Leonard Garfield

BrittaLisa Gess and Douglas TrummAFV
Wendy Goffe
Scott Gradin
Rush Green and Lisa Bergstrom
Dick, Valerie, and Andrew Gross in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Mark Gunning and Helen Lafferty
Clay GustavesAFV
John HalskiAFV
Alan HambeltonAFV
Dave Handewith
Susan Harmon
Jillian HarrisonAFV
Dave and Ashleigh Hasslinger
Marypat and Steven Hedberg
Heller Family
Dan Hemmingson
Midori HobbsAFV
John Holt and Susan Trainor Holt
Renee Howard
Melanie S. Ito and Charles W. Wilkinson
Janet Aldrich Jacobs and Bernie Jacobs
Curtis JeffersonAFV
Elizabeth JinkinsAFV
Xinyi Joffre
Susan M. Johnson
Jillian Jones
Andrea Jones
Karin and Scott Jones
Seamus, Meg, and Quinn Kelly
Ken and SaSa Kirkpatrick
Kathryn KnudsenAFV
Steve and Barbara Koh
Gerald and Roxanne Kröon Shepherd
Mandy LeifheitAFV
Kathryn LeikhimAFV
Linda LiuAFV
Eric Lo
Twyla and Tom Lucas
The Luvera Family Fund
Ron Lynch
Debra M.
Michael S. Mabrito and Amy Peck
Alice Mailloux
John Cephas Martin, Jr.
Clarissa MarzanAFV
Tim Matarazzo
Heather and David Mauermann
Natalie Mayer
Pamela Mayer
Nancy and Jim McGill
Jill and Andrew McGovern
Rick and Karen McMichael
Elisabeth Yandell McNeilAFV
Linda Miller in Honor of Julia Miller
Lisa Miner
Kate Nagle-CaraluzzoAFV

Joelle S. Nausin
Rebecca A. Norlander
Scott O’ConnorAFV
Tricia Pearson O’NeillAFV
Tony PeeblesAFV
Sandra and Sidney Perkowitz
Kemp Peterson
Steve and Sue Petitpas
Sean Pickard
Kathleen Pierce
Douglass and Katherine Raff
Greg M. RaymondAFV
Anne Redman
Owen Richards
Dan RiveraAFV
David and Donna Robbins
Steven and Lee-Anne Ross
Steve Rummage
Josh and Amanda Sandoz
Joseph SawyerAFV
Dave Scalzo
Stephen Schenzel
Dan and Karen Schnebele
Connor SchneiderAFV
Hillary SchneiderAFV
Mary-Catherine SchugelAFV
Sammy ScottAFV
Sarah Sidman
Diane Sigel-Steinman and Allan Steinman
Grace and David Simons
Leanne Skooglund
Laura and Jim Smith
Katie Soderlind in Honor of Ciera Shaver
John Stockamp
Kelly SutterAFV
Brady SwansonAFV
Curtis Tatro
Andrea TempletonAFV
Mike Thomason
Alexis Thompson
Ever Vela
Pallavi Wahi
Ellen K. Walker
Karen, Scott, and Ian Weir
Jenna WhiteAFV
Beth WilionAFV
Nancy Williams
Catherine and Richard Wilson
Mark Wittow and Gail Gatton
Shelly WolfAFV
Sylvia Wolf and Duane Schuler
Stanley Wood
Pat and John Wynn
Anonymous (14)

Center Stage
$250 – $499

Salvador A.
Julie Adams
Ryan Adkins
Manu Ajayababu
Sarah and Robert Alsdorf
Mr. Donald G. Anderson and Ms. Janna A. Anderson
Pam Anderson
Kim and Theodore Angelis
The Barnett Family Fund
Matthew M. Black
Elsa Black
Sydney Jeannie Buckley Blank and William Blank
Tom Blikre
Charles Blumenfeld and Karla Axell
Joel Bodansky and Anne Leavitt
John Bodoia
Tom Bolger
Amy Bonney-Hoffman
Andrew and Brenda Bor
Michelle Bufano
Lynne E. Bush
Heather Cameron
Debbie Campbell
Andrea Carino
Sarah Carlson
Alexandra Carr
Joe and Hannah Carter
Calandra Childers
Morgan Clark
Heather Coldwell
Jamila Conley
Donald and Barbara Coyner
Jeramiah Crabb
Robert Curran
Lendell Curtis
Erin Daly and Chris Nelson in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Kathleen Daly in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Joseph Davey
Lisa De Pass
Jill and Matt Deasy
Mark Dederer
Morgan DennoAFV
Gregory Denton and Janice Dilworth in Memory of Paul Taub
Carla Richards
Carla DewBerry
Mary Dickinson
Daniel Drais and Jane Mills in Memory of Emily Evans
Susan Druschke In Memory of Joe Martin
Susan Eckert
Keylor Eng
Amanda Erickson
Lynne Eskil
Amy Fleetwood
Karen Fletcher

Jason Floyd
Greg Flygare
Jeremy Forman
Alan Forney
Eric Freedman
David Frum
Gwyn Ganjeau
Dick Gemperle
Ian Gerrard
Tom and Rochelle Goeltz
Andrew and Hillary Greene
Drs. Basil and Verena Grieco
Arron Gundlach
Mary Kay Haggard
Teresa Hambelton
Ian Hanly
Frances V. Hartley
Denise Hastings
Brad and Dina Hayes
Thomas and Lynn Heller
Barbara and Randy Hieronymus
Hu Hsu
Jim and Heather Hunter
Lily Iftner
Adrienne Woods Iwanski and John IwanskiAFV
Mark Jones
Amy and Kaj Junglov
Gary and Wendy Kaplan
Victor and Phyllis Katz in Honor of Naomi and David Spinak
Jerry Kelley
Jim Kesl
Susan Kim
Shannon Kipp
Diana Knight
Dean Koga
Marcus Konopaski
Akshay Kulkarni
Caley Larson
Ashley Lehman
Carol Lewis and Tom Byers
Terri Li and Stephen DeShazo
Anissa Lindgren
Julie Logan
Sarah Lohden
Allison Lombardo
John Loux and Carol Sanders
Stephen and Jody Lovell
Rebecca and Jeff Lyman
Kalin Magruder
John and Jennifer Malasmas
Stefanie Malone and Shannon Snider
Lorrie Marquez
Jason McCalpin
Mike McCarthy
Barry McGrath
John Mettler

Aaron Meyer
Tim Meyer
The Moir Family
Jason Morgan
Jenny Moshea
Jacob Ness
Maren Norton
Leslie Obudho
Diana Ortega
Jim Parker
Matthew and Julie Pearson
Will Penner
Jocelyn Phillips and Warren Bakken
Louise Pietrafesa
Greg Przybylski
George Redey
Elisabeth Roberts
John C. Robinson
Rhonda Rosenberg
Martha Sandoval
Gina Schwab
Terry Seals
Michelle and Joe Sievers
Tony Silva
Melissa and Jason Simpson
Richard and Carrie Stein
Julie Stein
Kay and John Stimson
Jan G. Strand
Erin Sullivan
Alex Rea and Akane Suzuki
Christian Swenson and Abigail Halperin
Pete Swinsinski
Peter Talevich
Patricia Thayer
Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones
Bibi Vasquez
Daniel M. Waggoner
Raina Wagner
Marisa Walker
Robert and Joan Wallace
Anna Walter
Cheryl Weaver in Honor of Svetlana Spivak
Karin Weekly in Honor of David and Penny Miller
Eric Westberg in Honor of Pravan and Rory Westberg
Miriam Westberg in Honor of Pravan and Rory Westberg
Julie WilbertAFV
Tim and Nancy Woodland
Grace T. Yuan
Jakob Zerr
Anonymous (23)

Up to $249

Matt Abtahi
Gary Ackerman and Robin Dearling
Edie Adams
Katy Ahrens
Jose Alcaraz Leon
Dan Alexander
Mary Rose Alexander
Peter Allen and Mary Steinmetz
Royal Alley-Barnes
Cierra Brandi Apolonio
Dana Applegate
Nathan Appleton
Joan Karla Aquino
Salvador Aranda
Elias Arnold
Blackstone Audio, Tantor Audio, Simon and Schuster
Adel Assaad and Mirna Toukatly
Jill Austin in Honor of Adrienne Hall
Jack and Cheryl Avery
Charles Bailey
Erin and Sabina Bailey-Sun
Florian Barca
Donna and Christopher Barker
Brenda Barnes
Donna Barnett
Mary L. Bass
Jerry Baxter
Rebecca J. Becken
Kate Becker
George Bellah
Gerald and Jessie Beltran
Lea Benitah-Bouchard
Russell Bennett
Julie and Jon Bergevin
Trey Berry
Bill Berry
Troy Bertch
Rhonda Bingham
G.D. Bischofberger
Patricia Blackmon In Memory of Cindy Patterson
Lenora Blauman
Michael C. Bolasina
Theodore Bolliger
Steven John Bolliger
Catherine Bombico
Tim Bowman
Thomas Boyle
Tom Boysen
Nina Bozicnik
John Bradshaw
C. Josephine Bramwell
Michele Brandon
Jaclyn M. Brandt
Gina Breukelman
David and Joyce Brewster
John C. Briggs
Sharon Briggs
Joseph E. Bringman
Janice Bristol
Molly Brown
Cam Bruce
Sharon Bruckart
Amie-June Brumble
Melissa Bryan
Barbara F. Bryant
Stacey Buffo
Victoria Buker
Rachel Burgess
Howard Bye-Torre
Karen Bystrom
Julio Mendez Cabrera
Diana and Michael Caplow
Karen Caropepe
Sheree S. Carson
Lee Carswell
Richard Carter
Sydney Butters Caster
Stefano Catalani
Manuel Cawaling
Connie Chapman
Amy Chasanov
Cristina-Nora Chiran
Rachel Ciprotti
Christina Claassen
Matthew Cohen
Ann Colowick and Mike Harbour
Garrett Condel
Sam Coren
Donna Coxwell
Susan Crane and Robert Breidenthal
Deborah Crichton
Kari Crosbie
Bruce M. Cross
Rachael Yvonne Cullen
Darlene Culp
Julia Curns-Welch
Christopher Curry
Kelsey D’Andrade
Kris Dahl
Amy Daly-Donovan in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Nathan Daniel
Theresa Dao
Rachel Darany
Emma Davies
Kathleen M. Davis
Roderic Davis
Brian Ransome Davis
Lora Davis and Linda Henderson
L.B. Day
Ryan Day
Virginia De Lay
John DeLand and Frank Blanchette in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
John DeLeva and Jolica Taguiped
David Denham
Carol Derba in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Anne Derieux
Debbie D.
Heather Cook and John DeTurk
Karrie Diaz
Christine Dickson
Jamie DiRienzo
Lori A. Dirks
Ellen Dissanayake
Nelson Dong and Diane Wong
Nicholas Dorman
Anne Dorshimer
Ryan Douglas
Lisa Dow
William Drumheller
Beth L. Dubey
Soco Dudemont
David Dugdale
Stephen Dunphy
Stuart Dunwoody and Margaret Schaaf
Jackie Durbin
Kathy Early
Jeff Eby and Zart Dombourian-Eby
Tim Eckhardt
Ryan Edwards
Mary deVuono Englund
Randy Engstrom
Klair Ethridge
Dorothy Faris
Bill and Laurie Farmer
Paolo Federico-O’Murchu in Honor of Francesca Federico
Kurt and Marguerite Feichtmeir
Robinick Fernandez
Jefferson Fetters
Andrew Fife
Andrew Filer
Mike Fleisch
Amy Fletcher
David Flood
Anne L. Fontaine
Ann E. Franklyn
Chris Frankovich
Barbara Fraser
Cameron Fraser in Honor of Christina Fraser
Patricia French
Scott Friesen and Alexander Davenport
Steffen Froehlich
Elizabeth Gable in Honor of Sara Gable
Diana Gale and Jerry Hillis
Jean Garber
Carissa Garcia
Linda Garrido
William and Lindy Gaylord
Leslie Geller
Paul Gibson
John Gilbreath
Steve Giliberto
Annette Gililland
Eleanor and Arye Gittelman
Thomas and Harriet Glass
William Glassford
John Gleason

Sara Glerum
Taylor Glickman in Celebration of Danielle Hrachovec
Robert Golden
Christine Goon in Honor of Cliff Hackel
Yasha Gowda
Jody Graves
Christina Greene
David Greene in Honor of James A. Boeddy
Donald Guinee
Robin Hailstone Kelley
David Hammock
Barrie Handy
Lisa Hanna
Lynell Hansen
Paul Hanson
Amy Harman
Nick Harmer
Raniel Hasson
Clare Hausmann Weiand
Ray Heacox and Cynthia Huffman
Jon Hearn
Paul Heppner
Lisa Herbold
Jay Hereford and Margaret Winsor
Lloyd Herman and Richard Wilson
Cynthia Hernandez
Jeffrey Herrmann and Sara Waisanan
Stephanie Hilbert
Adam Hinz
Buke Hiziroglu
Marla Hoffman in Memory of Charles and Elizabeth Hoffman and Michael Fendrich
Gary Holland and Jackie McGourty
Sue Holland
Katie and Myles Hollenbach
Kim Holloway
Mariam Hovhannisyan
Zachary Howard in Honor of Mike Lengel
Zach Howell
Kathy Hsieh
Evelyn Hsu and Jay Yao
Rob Hubbard in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Kae and Phillip Hutchison
Rejean Idzerda
Katie and Scott Jackman in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Cindy Jacobs
Anita Jamshidi
Michael January
Lisa Jaret
Susan Jenkins
Zabrina Jenkins
William Jennings
Brandon Jepson
Jacquelyn Johns
Ken Johnson and Nancy White
Judith Johnson in Honor of Joshua Samuel Mina
Sherry Jondahl
David Jones and Grace Lao
Sara Jones
Nathan Jones
Annette Jordan-Gulick in Honor of Craig Bartle
Chelsea Judd
Nancy M. Juhos
Kim Kaald
Martine Kaiser
Jessica Kang
James Keblas
Kimberly Keith
Samantha and Brian Kelly
Jenna Kerr
Arman Keyvanskhou
Amie Kim
Wesley Kim
Mark Kim in Honor of Nick and Karin Terry
Kristin Kimura
Louise Kincaid
Allison K.
William Kirst
Nancy C. Knox
Gary Kocher
Erin Koehler
Mark and Sarah Kosonen
Kelly Kost in Honor of Lotte Paglianlunga
Paul and Leann Kostek
Judy S. Koven
Adam Kriefall
Kalindi Kunis
Sandra Kurtz
Jeff Kvinsland
Claudia LaFollette
Lawrence Lam
Stewart Landefeld and Margaret Breen
Bruce and Atsuko Landon
Karen J Lane
Larry Laurence
Chris Lawson
Liz Lazar-Johnson
Kristin Lee
Vicky Lee
Christina Leonidas
Judith and Daniel Leshner
Karin Leslie and Mike Farden
Patty Liang
Kristen Liang
Mary Lieberman
Tatiana Linardopoulou
Diane Lind
Davora Lindner
Stephanie Lio
Tino Lopez-Rodriguez
Noah Loyd
Dylan Ludiker
Alyse Luedke in Honor of Adam and Dana Rohde and Jon Jensen and Kathy Early
Karen Lund
Randi and Dennis Luoto
Robert Lutz
Brian Lyden
Chris Lye
Mary Lyle
Don and Nicky MacInnes
Jon Magin
John and Kathleen Maki
Philip Malkin
Anna Malvin in Honor of Bruce Monroe
Aubrey and Alex Mandus
Lynn Manley and Lex Lindsey
Mariann Mann
John and Mary Marasco
Miyoung and Jeffrey Margolis
Enrique Mariscal
Ashley Marshall
Alicia Martin
Mary Mathiason and Susan Wildermuth
Amita Mathur
Matson Family
Dolores Maxwell
Grace McDaniel
Patrick McDonald and Rebecca Durham
Vera McGeer
Fidelma McGinn
Madeline McHale
Mike McKay
Bryan Meagher
Kelli Meeker
Gretchen Meller
Sameer Merchant
Polly Meyer and Joel Reiter
Megan Meyers
Joe and Tami Micheletti
Lyn Miletich
Louise Miller
Sara Miller
Ellen Milligan and Nat Henry
Barry Milligan and Erin Flanagan
Susan Mills
Melissa Minas
Claire Mitchell
Nicole Mitchell in Honor of Claire Browne
Matthew and Michelle Moersfelder
Lori Moltz
Laney Monsey
Amber Morey-Wu
Sue Morgan
Maxwell Moser
William Mowat
Travis Muld
Abby Murphy and John DeLand in Memory of Mary Jo Daly
Ashley Murphy

Donna Murray
Cheryl M.
Michael F. Myers, Jr.
Lisa Nau
Eric Nelson
Karen Nestvold
Chris Newell
Laurel Newnham
LeiLani Nishime
Susan Nivert and Barb Nivert-Glenn
Francina Noordhoek
Tammy Norman
Machin Norris in Honor of Anne Machin
Catherine Nueva Espan~a and Timothy Mowrer
Joseph Nussbaum
Christine and Tom O’Connor
Colette Ogle
Rebecca O’Neil
Craig Osbun
Katie Page
Anna Palmer
Nancy and Peter Paloma
Brian Park
Brian Parker
Sandeep Patel
Crystal Pearson
Douglas H. Peterson Jr.
Erika Peterson
Nanci Peterson-Vivian and Robert Vivian Jr.
Stephen Phillips
Sarah Phillips
Vivian Phillips
William Pittis
Sophocles and Thais Plokamakis
Laina Poon
William Poore
Nathan Porter
Theresa Porter
Colette Posse
Judith Potts
David Powell
Elise Power
Richard Prentke
Marlene Price
Frank Price
Scott Pritchard
Joan Rabinowitz
Katie Ramsey
Whitson Ramsey in Honor of Katharine Cook
Shawna Rasmussen
Sarah Rathbone
Jacqueline Ray
Richard and Gail Record
Andrew Rector
Nancy Reichley and Tim Higgins
Rabideau Family
Joseph Renn
Sarah Reynolds
Cristine Reynolds
Ernest Rhoads
Kyle Richard in Honor of Michael Fink
Jessica Richardson
Sheila Richman
Matthew Richter
Natalie and Derek Robbecke
Rachel Peterson Robertson
Joey Robinson
Dolores Rogers
Stephanie Rogerson
Susie Rolander
Leonard Rollins
Joshua Roman
Leah Rose
David Roseberry
Ellen Roth
David Rudo
Deborah A. Rustin
Jim Ryburn and David Clarke
Cathy Sander
Maggie Santolla
Ashley Santos
Jessica Sas in Honor of Seth Robbins
Shelley Saunders
Minna Schiller
Zach Schlosser
Robb Schmitt
Betsy R. Schneier
Michael Schroeder
Shannon Scott
Katherine Seeber
Laurel Sercombe
Kevin Shaffer
Sabina Shapiro
Zavonne Shareef
Jason Shatz
Michael Sherrill
Tyler Sherwood
Anne Shukla
Gail Simburger
Marina Sivilay
Thomas Slettvet
Kathleen Smith and Carl Wilson
Tim and Nancy Smith
Paul and Mary Anne Snow
Swan Sodja
Linda Sorensen
Anthony Spinelli
Liisa Spink
Daniel Sreebny
Evelyn Cruz Sroufe
Jeremy Stavig
Chandra Stefan
J.J. Stein
Vyanessa Stephan
Natalie Stephens
Lynn Stevens
Katharine Stockert
David and Marcie Stone
Barry Strand
Samantha Sundberg
Suppe/Angst Family
Mary Sweet
Vincent Szopa
Anki Ta
Rebecca Talbot-Bluechel
Jennifer Tanzy
Sofia and Greg Taylor
Andrew Techico
Laurie Thibert
Philip Thompson
Robert Tobias in Honor of Sarah Talley
Fred and Jan Tompkins
Jamie Tran
Matt Trueblood
Tsatsral Tserendash
Mayumi Tsutakawa
Marcellus Turner
Lynne Uyehara
Robin van Overbeek
Sundeep Vasa
Mary and Al Vinson
C.J. Voss
Mary Wallace
Rebecca Wallis
Mary Ellen Walter
Zheng Wang
Alison Warp
Kimberly Warren
Nate Weathers
Elizabeth Webb
Barbara Wechsler
Aaron Weiner
Luann Wells
Linda Wells
Christina Westpheling
Margaret and Donald Wheatley
Stanley White
Susan Whitmore
Alex Whitney
Tracey Wickersham
Sue Willey
Patty Y.C. Williams
Matt Williamson
Constance Willis
Kaitlin Windingland
Edith Wollin
Sarah L. Wood
Jane Worthley
Cathy Wyatt
Thomas Wysocki
Ann Yoo
Judy Yu and Clay Hall
Leilehua Yuen in memory of Geraldine Duncann
Diane Zeck
Bethany Zeigler
Parmida Ziaei
Jonathan Zwickel
Anonymous (67)

* Denotes a portion of the gift came from in-kind donations.

~Denotes In Memoriam of donor.

AFVDenotes members of the ArtsFund Visionaries.

We regret any omissions or errors. Please email with corrections.