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Since 1969, ArtsFund has been a leader in working to elevate the arts sector by supporting innovative arts and cultural organizations through our leadership, grantmaking, and advocacy initiatives. We have awarded more than $100 million to more than 650 arts and cultural nonprofits providing much-needed unrestricted funding. This critical funding allows organizations to deliver original programs and new events that bring joy and meaning to our communities. Will you help continue our work by making a gift to ArtsFund today?


Arts Elevate

Elevating Children and Families.

Arts education has been proven to benefit children as the arts promote positive academic and life outcomes by providing opportunities to learn critical thinking skills and build technical capacity for expression. The arts also provide opportunities for families to connect with one another and create memorable, enduring experiences. Through ArtsFund’s Youth Arts Opportunity Fund, we fund organizations that create art experiences for youth who have historically lacked access to arts programs.

Elevating Collaboration.

The arts have always thrived by having creative and collaborative individuals and organizations working toward a common goal. ArtsFund supports organizations that cultivate creative spaces and innovative artists through our grant allocation programs which in turn allow communities to thrive. We actively bring together the Washington arts community through the Cultural Partners Network which connects over 130 organizations across the arts sector.

Elevating the Region.

The arts play a major role in amplifying the voices of Washington state. ArtsFund serves as a hub and connector with deep relationships to corporate leaders, elected officials, and the community. Our research proves that the arts are an integral part of the Washington economy creating jobs, generating tax revenue, as well as driving tourism through our research studies.


Supporting ArtsFund means supporting the entire arts community and ensuring a strong future for the arts in Washington. Help us continue our work by making a gift today!

A young girl and her father examine a robot dog art piece.

MoPOP Mini Maker Faire

Why Support ArtsFund

When you make a gift to ArtsFund, you…

•  Become a part of a change-making collective that believes in the power of arts and culture;

•  Support a spectrum of arts organizations from emerging to well-established institutions, representing a wide variety of disciplines and audiences;

•  Can be assured you are supporting organizations with strong organizational health and a high capacity for social impact; and

•  Maximize your gift by funding grants that are strategically paired with capacity building opportunities, leadership development programs, and advocacy for the sector.

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