A Report to the Community

We are dedicated to building healthy communities through the arts.  Our approach is holistic – we strive to strengthen individual arts organizations and the cultural sector as a whole, increase access to the arts, and use the arts to advance community priorities.

In 2016 we partnered with thousands of individuals, hundreds of businesses, and leaders in government and philanthropy to support over 100 cultural organizations and the communities they serve.  We provide our assistance in a multitude of ways – through grant making, trainings, programs, services and advocacy.   Our investment of dollars and resources helped arts and cultural organizations present over 10,000 events, exhibits and performances, create expanded access to underserved populations, and provide tickets to 809,000 school-aged children in our region.

We do this work because a strong, diverse and accessible arts and cultural sector is essential to a healthy community.   As the findings from ArtsFund’s recent Economic Impact Study demonstrate, our local arts organizations fuel the economy, drive tourism, inspire creative thinking and problem solving both in school and at work, and foster civic engagement.   The arts provide a lens through which we can better understand our differences and in turn develop empathy and tolerance.  And the arts elevate the quality of life in our region and nourish the soul.

For all these reasons and many more, the arts are essential building blocks of our civic health.  For the past 47 years, ArtsFund has been strengthening the Central Puget Sound region through support of the arts.  This is our commitment to the community, and we invite you to join us.