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Originally published Monday, June 9, 2014 at 4:04 PM

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Editorial: What the ArtsFund does best

Arts and cultural forums in Puget Sound thrive because the ArtsFund not only nurtures expression, but also trains those who run the organizations.


THE ArtsFund has raised and distributed more than $68 million to arts and cultural groups in King and Pierce counties since 1969.

Helping to keep the arts alive is a worthy enterprise, and fundraising is basic to keeping the curtains going up and promoting, empowering and sustaining all manner of creative expression.

Last year, $2.55 million was distributed, and the 2014 campaign draws to a close at the end of the month. Grant making is huge, but so is the leadership and advocacy the ArtsFund offers.

As Mari Horita, ArtsFund president and chief executive, notes, the organization helps serve and strengthen “the broader community by supporting a vibrant, relevant and diverse arts and cultural sector.”

Money to support exhibitions, productions and to help drive attendance is also drawn to solid management and stewardship of donor contributions. The ArtsFund guides and trains the boards and managers of community groups. Grants are pointed toward organizations that live up to expectations.

The ArtsFund is also skillful at employing all manner of mediums to promote the arts across all ages and interests in the broad Puget Sound community. The message gets out via arts night at a Mariner game or a crowdfunding platform in the Ethernet. Check out

The ArtsFund mission and success: leadership, advocacy and grant-making.

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