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Social Impact Study Open Call FAQs

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How many pieces can I submit?
You are welcome to submit for one or more themes. However, the panel will only review one piece per individual per theme (three total per artist). If you submit more than one piece for a given theme, only your first submission will be considered. If you would like to submit for more than one theme, please fill out a new application for each.

If selected, how will my art be used?
ArtsFund will use your work in the printed and digital versions of the Social Impact Study and in related collateral, as well as in presentations and for other uses related to the study and its findings. Artworks may need to be resized or cropped depending on the medium in which it will be used. In all instances, the work will be displayed with full attribution. See call rules for full details.

Does ArtsFund need my original work?
No, ArtsFund only needs the digital file and reproduction rights. You retain the original, physical artwork. See call rules for full details.

Can you give me feedback on my submission before I apply?
Our staff is available to discuss the logistics of the submission process, ArtsFund’s mission, and the Social Impact Study. However, they will not be able to provide any other information or speculate about the merit of a submission.

What if I can’t convert my piece into a digital file?
Unfortunately, ArtsFund can only accept digital submissions. However, high-quality photographs of 3D pieces are eligible.

How many proposals do you receive? How many artists are will be selected?
We don’t know how many submissions we will receive, as ArtsFund has never hosted a call like this before. Three winners will be selected after the call closes, one for each theme. The panel may also select other pieces to be featured on the ArtsFund website.

Can I submit pre-existing work?
Yes! As long as you are the sole creator and retain full rights to the piece, you are welcome to submit existing pieces. See call rules for full details.

Can I submit a concept for a piece or an unfinished piece?
No, this call is for finished works only. All submissions must be publication and presentation ready.

What happens to the work after it is selected? May I sell it or submit it to other open calls?
You are welcome to submit the work to other open calls, sell it, or provide it for any other use that does not infringe upon ArtsFund’s non-exclusive reproduction rights as specified in the call rules.

May I make changes to the artwork between the time I submit and the end of the call period?
If your submission is selected, you will be expected to send a full-resolution file of the same artwork that was submitted with no modifications.

Are there any file-size requirements?
For submissions, limit files to 10 MB in JPEG or PNG format. 600 dpi files or vector will be requested if selected.

How old do I have to be to apply?
You must be at least 13 years old to submit artwork. Applicants aged 13-18 must also submit a parental consent form to be considered. Please email opencall@artsfund.org to request the form. Applications by individuals aged 13-18 submitted without the consent form will not be considered.

What if I don’t live or work in King County?
Unfortunately, this call is only open to individuals who live and/or work in King County. Submissions from outside of King County will not be considered.

Can I include text in my submission?
Artworks may include text, however, please include a note on the application about where the text is from or any context or translation we should be aware of.

Other Questions?

Click here to see full call rules. For any other questions about this call, the Social Impact Study, or the Submission Form, please contact Casey Moser at opencall@artsfund.org.